About Us

Good journalism is almost always bad news for those in power. We at Realpolitik firmly believe that the primary role of journalists and newspapers is to critically evaluate the functioning of institutions of democracy and the elements of economy in public interest. Realpolitik is not part of the race for getting it first; it resolutely focuses on getting it right, going in depth and placing full facts before the people. Realpolitik is sharply focused on the area where the spheres of politics and business overlap. For the last 10 years, Realpolitik has tirelessly decoded the business of politics and the politics of business. In a crowd of self-serving corporate media, Realpolitik stands out for its courage and credibility. Realpolitik is owned by Reality Media Holdings Private Limited, a company started by journalist Shahid Faridi and technocrat Navin Chandra Mishra.